We are Hiring: Secretary

Panayiotou Legal Hiring Secretary

We are Hiring: Secretary

Panayiotou Legal is seeking a part-time secretary for its office in Nicosia.


  • Office management and administrative duties
  • Communication with clients, governmental authorities, and other associates 
  • Preparation of letters and emails

Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in a similar position
  • University degree in Secretarial Studies or related field 
  • Excellent knowledge of Greek and English
  • Excellent computer skills 
  • Knowledge of accounting will be considered as an advantage 

To apply, please send your CV to info@panayiotoulegal.com. We will contact only the shortlisted candidates. All applications will be treated confidentially.

About us

N.V. Panayiotou Legal LLC is an independent law firm with a strong domestic presence in litigation and transactional law since 1977. We offer efficient, transparent, and complete legal services to support our clients’ entire business in Cyprus.

Panayiotou Legal joins The European Network of Law Firms, TEN

Panayiotou Legal joins The European Network of Law Firms, TEN

Panayiotou Legal joins The European Network of Law Firms, TEN

We are delighted to announce that as of October 2021, N.V. Panayiotou Legal LLC is an official member of “The European Network of Law Firms” (“TEN”), as the exclusive member for the geographical territory of Cyprus.

Helping Businesses and Individuals Expand Globally

Supply and demand are no longer local but global. Being a member of a prestigious network like TEN, strengthens our law firm’s position to serve businesses and individuals wishing to grow and move into new territories. Globalization has made the need to achieve effective solutions not limited by national borders, bigger than ever, an outcome which is best achieved in multi-jurisdictional cases through active collaboration between experienced professionals.

"The ability to access a pool of prestigious law firms who possess a broad understanding of the relevant economic, legal, and political factors across Europe, is critical in supporting clients of ours who wish to expand their operations to new jurisdictions."

Vassilis Panayiotou, Managing Partner of Panayiotou Legal
Panayiotou Legal joins TEN

About TEN

TEN, The European Network of Law Firms, brings together internationally oriented and commercially minded law firms from 23 countries, who are committed to offering their clients expert and personalized legal advice. The Network’s member firms specialize in commercial matters and can also assist businesses, institutions, and individuals with all kinds of national and international issues, in Europe and beyond.

TEN is on a mission to achieve effective solutions not limited by national borders by member law firms working closely together on behalf of corporate and private clients. Moreover, the network is developing an online knowledge hub of comparative legal information, giving members and clients an easily understandable and valuable resource about European law. TEN’s business-friendly lawyers provide counsel to all kinds of companies and institutions, from start-ups and multinationals to local and national organizations and governments, to suit all cross-border needs.

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We are Looking for a Trainee Lawyer in Nicosia (GR)

trainee lawyer nicosia

We are Looking for a Trainee Lawyer in Nicosia (GR)

Το Δικηγορικό Γραφείο V.N. PANAYIOTOU LEGAL LLC, στη Λευκωσία ενδιαφέρεται να προσλάβει άμεσα ασκούμενο/η δικηγόρο.
Απαραίτητα Προσόντα:
1) Κάτοχος Πτυχίου Νομικής.
2) Άριστη γνώση της ελληνικής και αγγλικής γλώσσας.
3) Άριστη γνώση χρήσης ηλεκτρονικού υπολογιστή.
4) Εμπιστευτικότητα, αξιοπιστία, ευφράδεια λόγου.
5) Ακεραιότητα χαρακτήρα.
6) Να εμπίπτει στα κριτήρια του σχεδίου του Δικηγορικού συλλόγου- «έργο παροχής ευκαιριών σε νέους πτυχιούχους νομικής μέχρι την ηλικία 29 ετών.»

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες και αποστολή βιογραφικών παρακαλώ καλέστε στo τηλέφωνo 22-10 77 60. Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι παρακαλούνται όπως αποστείλουν βιογραφικό σημείωμα στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση: accounts@panayiotoulegal.com
Όλες οι αιτήσεις θα τύχουν πλήρους εμπιστευτικότητας.

Panayiotou Legal Rebrands to Support Business Founders in Cyprus

Panayiotou Legal Rebrands to Support Business Founders in Cyprus

Panayiotou Legal Rebrands to Support Business Founders in Cyprus

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our firm’s rebranding. A project we embarked on to make Panayiotou Legal an even more customer-centric legal firm capable of addressing the real needs of business founders in Cyprus.

The complete rebrand of our firm embodies and re-enforces the core promise and stance of Panayiotou Legal which focuses on helping business owners secure their path to success by supporting their business from incorporation to full maturity and beyond. It is a direct response to more than four months of extensive audience and market research: we have interviewed international business founders to truly understand their needs and how we can improve and support their business in Cyprus.

Re-assessing Services and Processes

In listening to our potential and existing clients, we understood that the legal services should be more transparent, have less involvement from the Client, and most importantly, offer an authentic and business-minded approach to understanding and serving our Clients’ needs. These are the conclusions that have served as the base for reshaping our firm and our brand.

Over the last 40 years, we have accumulated a strong understanding of both our practice and our clients’ needs. With various industries rigorously adopting innovation and customer focus, it seemed natural to apply our knowledge and expertise and evolve our company further. Our goal was simple: listen to business founders and our clients, re-assess our service and processes, and create a customer experience tailored to serve specific customer needs and resolve their core pain points.” – Vassilis Panayiotou – Partner & Managing Director, Panayiotou Legal.

business founders in Cyprus
While specializing in a broad range of legal practices, we have clarified our service offering and our position in the Cyprus market. We saw a clear opportunity to be more focused, and in doing so, improve the overall client experience and satisfaction. We repositioned our services in line with the core needs of business founders looking to incorporate and run their companies in Cyprus.

Our new service structure is simplified and tailored to offer a one-stop-shop with the following services:

  1. Incorporation
  2. Banking
  3. Accounting 
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Continued Legal Support & Advice

About the Project

Our rebranding project was subcontracted to a Cyprus-based agency, Brandble, specializing in B2B Brand Strategy and Marketing services. They did a great job by helping us re-discover our brand, clarify our company values and ultimately find new ways to serve our clients better. 

We enjoyed working with Panayiotou Legal on their project. It is always great to work with forward-thinking companies willing to look beyond the traditional approach, evolve around their customers and, in the process, re-discover themselves. It was a challenging project, which took close to four months to complete. Still, in this time, we feel that we expanded our knowledge and most importantly helped Panayiotou Legal to discover their true brand and find the best way to express it to the world” – Egle Joneliunaite, Alex Theodorou – Co-Founders of Brandble. 

As an experienced and long-standing legal firm, our journey does not stop here, and we have every intention to continue evolving together with our valued Clients and business partners. 

Reach out to us to see how we can help your business