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Corporate Governance & Compliance

We begin adding value at the company formation stage by advising you on company structure, corporate maintenance and taxation, and continue guiding you through the process of capital raising, negotiating successful deals, and writing solid agreements that are fundamental to your business.

Implementing a good corporate governance system ensures that you are well protected.

Year on year we witness an increasing demand for Compliance Officer specialists. The main driver for the need of Compliance Officers has been the impact of new regulations in sectors such as the financial services and health care sectors, especially in the USA and Europe. New regulations are constantly coming in effect, and as a result, over the past few years, many organizations have faced considerable fines for failing to comply. As regulations continue to become more stringent and complex, qualified professionals who are able to manage the complexities of the legal and regulatory landscape will unquestionably be in cumulative demand.

How can we help you?

Our team consists of fully qualified experienced Compliance Officers, whose objective is none other than to make “compliance” a second nature to your company. In the process of developing and implementing in-house policies and procedures, our Compliance Officers typically work with C-level executives and employees of the Company. Our experience has shown the importance of Compliance officers getting a better understanding of the existing modus operandi of the Company and achieving a smooth and organic transition from the old procedures to the new robust system of policies.

We see Corporate Compliance and Corporate Governance as inextricably linked. Both efforts constitute a response to risk management, which is why Businesses should aim to integrate and align their governance and compliance initiatives wherever possible to eliminate duplication, conflicts, wastefulness, and gaps.

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