Benefit from one of the most favorable tax regimes in EU

We help you set up your business in Cyprus fast and efficiently while taking the full advantage of the island’s favorable corporate tax rate (12.5%), stable economy, accounting and banking services – all the beuarocracy.


Corporate tax rate

how to open a company in Cyprus explained

Advantages of Registering your Company in Cyprus

Be a part of the island’s startup-friendly environment and enjoy the benefits of establishing, owning and operating your company in Cyprus.

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Benefit From Low Corporate Tax

Over the years Cyprus has formed an extensive network of double-taxation treaties (wih more than 60 countires) and offers one of the most favorable tax regimes in Europe, with the corporation tax currently lying at 12.5% on the company’s net profit.

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Join the European Market

Cyprus is a member of the European Union since 2004 and gives you access to unique business opportunities such as: a direct source of suppliers in the 28 member states and cost-effectiveness due to unified currency and borderless operations.

Why Cyprus as a country is easy for business?

Form your Business Fast

The process of forming a company in Cyprus is easy and can be started online with us. The island offers a startup friendly environment which is supported by government incentivized programs such as the “Cyprus Startup Visa” designed for enterpreneurs from third world countries.

Cyprus is a country with international business opportunities

Re-inforce International Trade

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island located at the crossroads of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Its strategic position plays an important part in the island’s economic, political and cultural development allowing your business to easily establish partnerships in other continents.

EU country with international talents - workforce

Access International Talents

In addition to direct access to highly skilled and educated Cypriot workforce, the island also attracts a large number of international specialists in industries such as IT, Maritime, Tourism and Real Estate. Ranked as the 5th safest country in the world, Cyprus is considered a very attractive place to work.

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Due to the evolving growth of the business sector, Cyprus has invested greatly in ensuring that the island’s infrastructure is adequate and efficient in terms of access to critical business services such as banking, communications, residential housing, and of course the overall quality of life.

Form your company in Cyprus

We will support you from incorporation to full maturity and beyond